The Very Hungry Caterpillar 2

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Shenequa J hw for April 7th

Project Title: A hungry Caterpillar 
Concept: recreate the children’s  book A hungry Caterpillar using fruit and vegetables. we will photograph the recreations and set up the book/layout 

Aesthetic Summary:

Art: photography of fruit and vegetable recreations 

Copy: The actual story text

References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):ImageImage


Substrate: semi glossy paper 
Binding: stitched( blurb binding)
Additional Notes:

Timeline and Objectives:

For April 7: finalize project and give out task to everyone 

For April 28:photographs taken and ready to pass off to the people doing the layouts

For May 5: layouts done and final review before being sent to printer 

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects

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shenequa J homework for March 31st

I like all the briefs that were presented in class last week. everyone had different formats and folds that worked for there topic. I enjoyed “This History of money” I’m not really interested in money design but their presentation made me interested. The way the design of money changed over the year is interesting. I love how they designed their design brief and made it the shape of the money, and it had the feel of it also. Another favorite was the “Weed” one. the subject isn’t something i’m interested in but the way it was designed and how their idea played out worked well. I like the idea of the little weed cards so you know what your getting. The suggestions that people made, made sense like putting the cards in bags so the smell doesn’t mix together. I think the cards should also have like facts or like the origin of the weed and not just the name and picture.

I’m really into nail art and like DIY kind of things so this book is great for me. This is a 96 page nail art book that you can get design ideas from. There is also a page of empty nail template so you can try your designs. I love the colors and how bright the book is, it has a lot of collage type of elements. The way it’s designed is very fun and urban, it’s like a party in a book. Very Wah like, it goes with the brand very well. I can see my self making a book like this it’s really my style. This book has a nice hard quality paper and a hard cover. The dimensions are 6.50 (w) x 7.20 (h) which is a good size for a book of this standard.



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Shenequa J homework for feb. 24th

Project Title: Best Night ever (Drinkers guide for beginners )
Summary:A short guide on the best drinks to order at an event or bar. going from weakest to strongest. What to order at a bar and how much you will need to complete your night.

Aesthetic Summary: ages 21-25 photo album look

Art: Pictures of the drinks and what they are usually served in.
Copy:Description and rattings 
Color Scheme: Black and White
Typefaces and Layout: Sans Serif Type. Century or Helvetica or handwritten front. Layout would be picture of drink on top what’s in the drink on the bottom and ratting at the side 
Visual References:

Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.25
Page Count: 16
Substrate: 30lb bond paper
Binding: saddle-stitch (with 2 staples)
Ideal Print Run: 20
Budget: $0
Timeline: ap. 2 weeks
Additional Notes:


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FINAL PROJECT( kids at play)

This final project has been a challenge for me. At first I wasn’t sure where to go with my theme, I had a totally different idea then what my final outcome was. I wanted to do a fantasy land theme I worked for about 3 weeks taking pictures and manipulating them into montages. I did about 6 and realized i really hated them. i could have continued but I knew deep down i wasn’t going to like it so i had to be quick on my feet because next week was finals week. I’m taking photography 2 this semester and my final for that class is kids. I took about 200 picture s of 3 children just being kids playing in their rooms. I decided why not use the pictures i shot to make a wonderful final project. I did global corrections on all the photos and made the picture perfect then I added the fairytale affects. I added different elements to the photos such as sparkles,stars,stripes and fire. I wanted to make the pictures POP! lots of color and action so it could be appealing to both kids and adults. I am very proud of my self for getting all this work done in one week. I put a lot into it and i’m very pleased with the final project. without further ado heres KIDS AT PLAY.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Final project description

For my final project i Plan on doing a montage and some adjustment corrections. While doing the montage project i found that i liked creating a new picture from different images. During  the meeting we had you showed me a artist that would take photographs and place them in different backgrounds. When i went to the museum I actually seen the exhibit I believe it was called pie town. That is kind of the direction I want to take my final. I am going to take the photographs my self of people dress them up the way they would if they were actually in the background. the background I plan on getting online. I want the photos to be sort of a fairytale like theme. I will mask out all of the photos and do adjustment layers on the people. I think one part that is going to be difficult is me getting the photos I want, also masking out the hair of the people that i shot is always difficult for me but it’s something i need to get better at so I’m willing to take up the challenge. I hope that this project will come out well and can be used as a portfolio piece.

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clone stamp



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HOMEWORK “faking it”


“Faking It”

The exhibition at the Metropolitan museum “Faking It” before photoshop was very interesting. If it wasn’t for the title i would have never known the pictures were manipulated without the use of photoshop. My Favorite of them all was Man on rooftop with 11 men in formation on his shoulders by George Eastman house in 1930. The reason this photograph caught my eye is because I found this one the most unbelievable, how could they have possibly done this without photoshop? With this picture i was thinking long and hard and I still have no idea how it was accomplished. I also loved the compisition of the photo. The dark blacks against the low grey tones in the backgroud make the picture really work, also that the one man is dead in the center of the roof makes it even more interesting because of how impossible it would be to balance all of those men on his shoulders. Certain photographs in the exhibit were obvious that it was manipulated such as this one while others looked normal such as the photograph with the clouds. If I were to do this photo in photoshop today it would be pretty easy. I would take pictues of 11 different men and mask them out, after masking I would rotate the men to form a circle once the men are placed i would put in a background.

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